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The DUST arm of Gentlemen's Agreement

It is often said that a gentleman has only the best of intentions. He wants to deal with his fellows honorably and fairly; he wants to ensure their opinions are heard, that they feel their input has value and that their needs are respected.

It is also often said that gentlemen just want to have fun. And to do that, there's a whole lot of very honorable institutions that just get in the way. They're only fun when all the participants would be gettling along fine without them.

We don't want to get bogged down in votes. We don't want to sit in endless council meetings. Filibustering is for people who get paid real money for this crap.

All we really want to do is give all manner of Huns, barbarians, idiots, sycophants, whiners, and people who went to the wrong school a proper good thrashing, then nip back round to the club for a strong drink and a big dinner.

And we're going to start by cheerfully bludgeoning those ghastly rubber-nosed clowns until the pie custard leaks out of their pants, then put our feet up on all that fancy Baroque furniture and tap cigar ash on the armrests.

So certain gentlemen have come to an Agreement: We shall strike off in search of glory, honor, and a truly dapper tophat. We shall seek fun and entertainment. We are, in short, doing it for - Jeeves, what was it the young people are calling it these days? Lols? Ah, yes. The lulz. But we shall do it with a certain sense of style, a certain je ne sais quois, that makes us gentlemen as well as jesters.

Just remember that all is fair in love and war.

"Don't be terrible, be awesome. Don't be serious, have fun. Don't be afraid, we can do this."

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