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Top Men Alliance Charter

  1. Charter Status and Amendment
    1. All existing and incoming Top Men corporations must agree to abide by the provisions of the alliance charter.
    2. The alliance charter can be modified by the alliance Generals according to the applicable voting procedures detailed in the leadership section.
    3. When a change is made to the alliance charter, it will be posted for feedback and commentary for a period of no less than two weeks . During this time, it may be implemented with a grace period for compliance. Otherwise, it takes effect at the end of the feedback period.
    4. Failure or refusal to comply with the charter will remove a member corporation from the alliance. Alliance leadership will allow reasonable periods of time for a member corporation to reach compliance with any provision after issuing a notification of non-compliance.
  2. Player Expectations
    1. Players are expected to act in a "gentlemanly fashion". This includes respectful communication with other players as well as leadership, both within the alliance, and foreign parties.
    2. Players may not attempt to harass or interfere with any member of our alliance or coalition, or any other allies deemed protected by alliance leadership.
    3. Players may not scam any member of our alliance or coalition, or any other allies deemed protected by alliance leadership.
    4. Players may not misrepresent their level of authority within Top Men, such as claiming to be a leader or diplomat in the alliance without holding said role.
    5. Players with EVE characters are required to comply with any special provisions listed for them in the section below.
  3. Member Corporation Expectations
    1. Member corporations are required to provide alliance leadership with a continually-accessible corporation API key with CorporationSheet and MemberTracking accessible.
    2. Member corporation leadership are expected to participate actively in both their corporation and the alliance, and keep informed of alliance events and policy.
    3. Member corporation leadership are expected to provide a chain of command and assistance in escalating matters up to the alliance level where prudent.
    4. Member corporations are required to work within our platoon leadership program for the management of planetary conquest fights.
    5. Member corporations may be required to pay a monthly fee to the alliance to be used for alliance programs like reimbursement of losses, contests and giveaways, and/or other programs. The alliance may elect to set a fee that is variable based on the number of members a corporation has and/or the number of districts it holds.
    6. Member corporations are prohibited from actively recruiting members of another member corporation or actively recruiting within internal alliance channels.
    7. Member corporations are required to remove a player on request from a Distinguished Merc or General, provided a reason for the request is given that is in accordance with this charter.
    8. Member corporations are required to comply with the alliance blacklist, by rejecting all applications from both characters on it, and characters reasonably believed to be alts of characters on it.
  4. Leadership Structure and Expectations
    1. Roles
      1. The senior-most leadership of Top Men are referred to as Generals. Members of this group have the top level of authority and escalation for any issue. Generals determine the promotion of all senior alliance leadership roles.
      2. Below the Generals are Distinguished Mercs. They are diplomatic contacts for the alliance, and convey information as appropriate between leadership and the playerbase. They are well-versed in alliance matters, and can speak on behalf of the alliance.
      3. Management of combat operations, particularly planetary conquest, is lead by Senior Platoon Leaders. Senior platoon leaders define our combat procedures, and manage the platoon leader group, including the approval of new platoon leaders.
      4. The minimum required role in order to lead a planetary conquest match or other alliance-supported event is Platoon Leader. A platoon leader either volunteers or is assigned responsibility for a fight or other event, and is the person-in-charge for that operation.
      5. The Treasurer is responsible for providing an up-to-date accounting of alliance financial assets.
      6. The Web Services Administrator is responsible for the maintenance of the alliance website and forums, and may appoint additional technical staff as required for stable services operation.
      7. Alliance leadership such as Generals or Distinguished Mercs may also hold secondary roles.
    2. Voting
      1. The addition of an alliance corp requires a 60% majority of Generals.
      2. The removal of an alliance corp requires a 75% majority of Generals.
      3. The promotion or demotion of any Distinguished Merc or Senior Platoon Leader requires a 75% majority of Generals.
      4. The promotion of a new General requires a 75% majority of Generals.
      5. The removal of a General requires a unanimous vote of Generals, excluding the General in question.
      6. The modification of the alliance charter requires a 75% majority of Generals, and has the force of law after the applicable feedback period.
    3. Alliance leadership are expected to include both corporation leadership and line members in the decision-making process anywhere that it is prudent and reasonable, in a timely manner for such feedback to be taken into account.
  5. Addendums
    1. Planetary Conquest Management
      1. All planetary conquest matches should be posted on the Planetary Conquest Tracker on the alliance website as soon as possible.
      2. All planetary conquest matches must be lead by an approved alliance platoon leader, who is the person in charge for that match.
      3. All planetary conquest matches should have a designated backup platoon leader if possible, in the event the platoon leader in charge becomes unavailable.
      4. All planetary conquest matches should use formup channels GENTS.OPx, where x is a number determined by the platoon leader in charge before the match.
    2. Alliance Blacklist
      1. The alliance blacklist shall be available to corporation leadership via the alliance forums.
      2. Any character on the blacklist, or any character suspected to be an alt of a character on the blacklist, is not permitted in any alliance corporation.
      3. Leadership of member corporations may request a player added to the alliance blacklist. Submissions should be provided to a Distinguished Merc or General with a reason as well as any known alts or aliases.
      4. Leadership of member corporations may request a review of a blacklisted player to determine the merit of removing them from it.
      5. Alliance leadership will review these requests and determine the appropriate changes to the blacklist.
    3. Special Forces Divisions
      1. Special Forces Divisions are subgroups of players in the alliance that are irrespective of member corporations. They can be created with the approval of any General.
      2. Special Forces Divisions have no explicit authority unless granted it specifically by alliance leadership.
    4. EVE Online Players
      1. EVE players are expected to inform the alliance of their previous and current affiliations upon request.
      2. Top Men permits EVE characters to be a part of member corporations, but strongly advises them to do so only if they provide a corporation API key for their corporation or provide orbital support for the alliance.
      3. Players with EVE characters in Top Men are expected to be registered on the forums and enrolled in the Death From Above Special Forces Division.
      4. EVE characters within Top Men are expected to follow any rules set forth by any member of our alliance or coalition, or any other allies deemed protected by alliance leadership while traveling within their space.
      5. EVE characters within Top Men are expected to report incidents between themselves and other allies as well as incidents located in allied space.
    5. Corporation Departure Courtesy
      1. Corporations which decided to leave the alliance will be afforded temporary protections as a courtesy, provided the required provisions are met.
      2. The alliance will not capture districts from or mass solicit the recruitment of members of a corporation protected under this courtesy for a period of a month after departure from the alliance.
      3. The departing corporation must have an active contactable director, must notify alliance leadership prior to any overt act of departure, and must have been meeting their obligations as per the charter at the time of departure.
      4. The departing corporation will also forfeit this protection if before or during the departure process they use an alliance mail with regards to their departure, attempt to solicit the recruitment of members of another alliance corporation, or attack an alliance district.

Soraya Xel

Bear D'Grassi, on behalf of Forsaken Immortals, January 4th, 2014
BatKing Deltor, on behalf of Granite Mercenary Division, January 5th, 2014
Killar-12, on behalf of The Corporate Raiders, January 6th, 2014
Nomed Deeps, on behalf of The Exemplars, January 6th, 2014
Repe Susi, on behalf of Rautaleijona, January 9th, 2014
lordjanuz, on behalf of Norwegian Dust514 Corporation, January 10th, 2014
Synther Bix, on behalf of Dust2Dust., January 10th, 2014
HOLYMAN 1367, on behalf of WASTELAND JUNK REMOVAL, January 18th, 2014
Serge Storm, on behalf of Abandoned Privilege, February 5th, 2014
Cpt Merdock, on behalf of Wake N' Bake Inc, March 5th, 2014
noobsniper the 2nd, on behalf of OLDSPICE., March 12th, 2014
Vala Prime, on behalf of Death by Disassociation, March 31st, 2014
Imperious91, on behalf of PAND3M0N1UM, April 6th, 2014

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